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Serving the south shore of Long Island, New York (Nassau County and Suffolk County) for over 30 years.

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Bulk Heading and Refacing Older Bulk Heading

Bulk Head Structure

a new bulkheading Bulk heading is the fine barrier to keep land from falling into the canals and bays of the south shore of Long Island, NY. Bulk heading prevents sandbars, danger, poor appearance and possible fines for the landowner. Inserting a new bulk heading or refacing an old bulkhead to maintain an existing one, will prevent land from slipping into the water as well as increase your property value.

All Navy and flash wall bulkheads and retaining walls are constructed with the finest CCA and vinyl materials offered today.

Bulkhead Framing

structure of a bulk head framing of a bulk head

The bulkhead framework is constructed of 8x8, 6x8 or 6x6, 1.5lb. treated CCA whalers.

Pilings on average, are 10-12 inches in diameter 1.0-lb CCA treated by 20-foot and up, depending on request or need.

All splices and pilings, except mooring piles, are backed with 5/8 to inch galvanized timber holds. All hardware is galvanized.

Bulkhead Installation

Bulkhead installation.
Deadman anchoring system for securing stantions and bulk heading.
Deadman anchoring system for securing stantions and bulk heading.
The support system behind bulk heading.
Our crane at work.
Dead man (the anchoring system) is constructed of 1 inch diameter by 14 foot and up galvanized tie rods that are attached to 20 foot lay piles that are structurally enhanced by vertical treated CCA/creosote stakes and batter boards to ensure that your wall will never move once backfilled.

Pile Driving by Hammer

Driving piles into the Earth is the first step to framing a bulkhead.

pile driving pile driving pile driving

The Vibration Hammer

Here we are installing corrugated bulkheading by use of a vibration hammer.
Using a vibration hammer to install bulk heading Using a vibration hammer to install bulk heading

Bulkhead Backfill

All backfill is canal dredged (upland clean fill is brought in upon circumstances). To give you a proper property grade and outside bulkhead depth of water for continuous floatation of your boat or float.

bulkhead backfill bulkhead backfill
All garbage and debris will be disposed into dumpsters on or off site to ensure a complete and clean job.
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