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A Tough Bulk Head Repair Job

This person had part of his backyard disappearing into the Great South Bay. There was a breach in the wall. We replaced the bulkheading, added drainage and added new backfill.

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1. The home owner stated that he has a sink hole. Dirt is escaping into Long Island´s Great South Bay.

2. Bushes along the fence are another problem.

3. Adding to our concern is the a pool quite close to the edge. The pool will have to be stabilized.

4. We found the problem. The old bulkhead has rotted away.

5. Our crane will be used to removing the old bulkheading and do some dredging work.

6. Okay! Our supplies have arrived!

7. Establishing the bulkhead framing.

8. Hamering in a pile.

9. Securing the framework.

10. Securing the framework.

11. Installing the bulkheading panels.

12. A close-up picture of fitted and secure bulkheading.

13. We added a drainage pipe.

14. Framing a new walkway.

15. We added electricity to the dock.

16. Another successful job (and no damage to the swimming pool either) !!!

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bulkhead problem, dirt escaping bushes were in the way of the project working near pool at the edge of the property dirt esacping through old bulkheading our crane and bucket supplies arriving at site framing the bulkhead hammering in a pile securing the bulkheading  securing the bulkheading, another view installing bulkheading the new bulkheading added a drainage vent to the bulkheading framing the dock pier preparing for dock electricity the complete, final, new bulkheading call seaboard dockbuilders for everything to do with the land - water interface
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